Beauty Tips

Deciding on a New Haircut

First, pick your desired length & decide on a fringe. The fringe is important because it is the area framing your eyes. Identify your problem areas. Does the nape get very thick? Is the top always too flat? The haircut, can then, be tailored to your personal features & style.

Matching Color to Skin Tone

Much like matching the correct combination of makeup colors to your features, hair color should be matched accordingly. The natural colors appearing in your skin and eyes play a big role in hair color formulation. Having a unique palette of hair color options should allow a natural & tasteful growout. 

When should I rebook?

Rebooking is suggested by your stylist to ensure the best maintenance of your color and style. Let us get you on a great hair schedule.

Pixie cuts or Double process Color- 3 weeks

Medium Length haircuts or

Single Process Color- 5 weeks

Long Length Haircuts or

Highlighted/Balyage - 7/8 weeks